Bachelor Number Two

9th December

I’m just about to have my speedy makeover and head out to meet date number two. I can honestly say I feel like crap. I’ve been crying on and off all day and I’m already thinking I’m going to have to cancel number three and rearrange. Tomorrow needs to be spent watching something trashy and eating junk food. Wish me luck.

Several months later…

As life runs away with you sometimes, I’m writing this bit retrospectively from a while down the line. The first night went surprisingly well considering I’d spent the day full of angst. We ate, we drank and we danced and we somehow ended up back at mine that night. If I guy has potential I’m a firm believer in the three date rule so not much happened in the bedroom that night…or ever.

He was a little older than expected but very handsome, cultured and had a great job. He was ticking all the boxes on paper but a few dates in I just knew he wasn’t ‘the one’ but we carried on meeting for a few months. Terrible of me I know. I never did apologise but I should’ve done…

Thankfully (for me) he picked up that I just wasn’t as interested as he was so we had one last evening together as friends and parted ways. So I learnt from the second date it’s just as hard to leave someone as it is to be left!

And the third date, as predicted, never went ahead. As well as being totally emotionally drained I had somehow ended up dated bachelor Number Two. So I’m sorry Number Three that we never re-arranged.



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