General Election Angst

I really love politics. I’d never pretend to know a whole lot about it but it is something that really interests me and that actually, I feel quite passionately about. With a general election approaching I couldn’t resist writing a little about it. Maybe in another post I will write about my political views and give some rationale for them but not today. 
This may end up only being a short entry. All I really wanted to say is how much I hate it when peoples reasoning for voting for certain parties is mostly based on why they shouldn’t vote for someone else. I realise that wasn’t very well worded…

One of the biggest problems with the brexit campaign, for me, was the fact that instead of focusing on the positives of their campaign and trying to persuade people to vote for them, people resorted to simply slagging off their opponents. 

And certainly from many of my friends on Facebook that’s all I am seeing again in the run up to this election. Very few people are saying “oh we should vote for this guy because his policy on this is really good.” They’re all saying burn the witch Theresa May, she’s done this horrid thing and Jeremy Hunt has committed this monstrous act. (Not my views: disclaimer)

As important as it may be to compare policies between parties is there not a way to do it in a more dignified manor please? I get it, people get incredibly passionate about this stuff and that’s great! It means people care and they will go out and provoke change. But how can all these Crobyn supporters ridicule UKIP voters for being stereotypical assholes when they themselves are lumping all conservatives under the banner of wealthy idiots who want all the money. 

Maybe this is a good time to briefly mention my views. On paper I’m a firm labour supporter. I grew up in a very working class family in a relatively small town in the north of England. I would reckon some of labours heartlands, yet I have always voted conservative. 

I’d also like to say I don’t think I’m the type of person to vote blindly on these matters, I read the manifestos, I watch the debates and I go with what I think is right. But I would never be as aggressive to my labour friends as they are being to the world on Facebook with their endless sharing and posting about how terrible the tories are. 

So please can we all be a little bit nicer to each other? It’s okay to try and persuade others of your views but don’t be an ass about it and if I have views of my own that won’t budge. Respect them for gods sakes!


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