An Ode to Oxford

Apparently an ode is supposed to be a poem but I am afraid this will be no such thing. Sorry to disappoint but I wanted a somewhat catchy title.

This weeks dating bender has gone infinitely better than the last one. I haven’t cried once, I haven’t actually had any sort of negative feelings really. Perhaps it was well timed with me reading Ruby Wax’s incredible books about mindfulness and controlling our emotions?

Sunday started with a bit of an almost public transport disaster. I saw almost because in hindsight nothing was really that bad. I got the bus to Paddington but it was taking to long so I hopped onto the tube and we got stuck at red signals but I did still make it to the station on time! Perhaps now is a good time to say I was travelling to Paddington because my third and final date for the week was in Oxford!

I arrive at the station and Oh Horror, the train is cancelled. No worried there’s another one in ten minutes that goes straight to Oxford. *heads to train* Oh dear they’ve changed the service and it doesn’t go Oxford anymore. *heads to McDonalds* I do eventually find a route to get their and I only arrive 15 minutes late.

My date is really nice! Very handsome but kinda cute at the same time and we got on well I think. Easy to talk to and all that jazz. We started with a few drinks then as I’d never been to Oxford before he showed me around a few places. We visited some colleges where I felt more stupid than I have ever felt in my life (owing to all the posh boys around) and I got to see some places where they filmed Harry Potter which I loved! That was the highlight for me.

Then he lured me back to his place for another drink…you can see where this is going. But we didn’t have sex I am pleased to say. Just a little light fondling…

Again I am almost disappointed that I didn’t have a heart attack on the tube because i don’t have much to write about. We haven’t spoken much since so clearly the sparkler is sat in a bucket of water in the garden.

I’m still talking to date number two and there’s a few complications with two other guys that I may get round to writing about sometime. For now I am a single Pringle and ready to min…ready to eat Pringles. *goes to shop*


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