Bachelor Number Two: Take Two

So the first date went well but wasn’t meant to be. I listened to a few soppy songs on the way to the bus then thought ‘fuck it’ and started singing Hamilton whilst wandering through the City. One down, two to go!

My next date lived in Brighton but would be in London for work a few days so we decided to grab a drink one evening before he took the train home. He was better looking in person I thought and surprisingly the balding didn’t put me off! Great teeth.

Every now and then the conversation hit a lull but I will take responsibility for that as I am not the most confident when it comes to striking up conversation with new folks, especially dates. But throughout the night we found some really good common interests to talk about!

We could be a bit nerdy about Warhammer and talk about new tech and it was really nice that we had things in common to talk about instead of all the usual first date…how many siblings do you have? Where are you from? Although we did do that too. Turns out he went to Eton as well, a posh boy if ever there was one! But he absolutely didn’t come across as a nob so that’s always good!

I’m finding that dates that go well are harder to write about. Tragedy it seems makes for good reading not a few lines of oh it went well. Date number three is tonight so I’ll shortly be heading out to Oxford. Wish me luck!


Date-ja Vu

I read an article recently that said if you didn’t use dating apps in London then you were more likely to find yourself pregnant with twins than be able to get a date. Which is no mean feat seeing as I am definitely a boy! But after some time away from dating apps I decided I would re-download tinder and have a swipe!

I am very pleased to say that I am still Grindr free and have had no desire what so ever to return to that dark place. I’m also proud to say that after a few weeks back on tinder I was back in the game and arranging dates.

Here comes the deja vu. I have been off this week due to some ill timed uni work so I’ve bagged two weeks extra ‘holiday’. So I arranged a date…and another one…and another one. That’s right, three dates in …well not three days this time. I left myself time in between to recover.

The first date was with a beautiful lawyer who lives in East London so I made the long trip out there to have a drink with him and it was really nice! We talked easily and got to learn about each other and he managed to get me back to his place for a little cuddle and maybe a kiss or two.

Great! My first date and I’d found someone I liked. Alas it wasn’t meant to be and he decided the age gap of 10 years (he was 32) was too much. I never really think about age, if you like someone you like them. But he’d had bad experiences in the past dating younger guys so I completely understand. And I am very thankful he did it on the second date and not a month or two in or I would be sat here drowning in tears and writing.

He was very gentlemanly too and we had the discussion in person. Which is great and all but that’s £3 and a two hour round trip bus journey that I’ll never get back. Thanks.